The Princess Grace of Monaco Foundation

In 2009 the Foundation celebrated its 45th year of operation.

This anniversary coincided with the creation, under the guidance of Professor Philippe Evrard, of the Debré hospital in Paris, of the "Université Médicale Virtuelle de Monaco". This educational facility for paediatric medicine will be online by the end of the current year. This ambitious project, which has the enthusiastic support of Her Royal Highness the Princess of Hanover, through the Princess Grace Foundation, will be fully operational in 2009.

In 1982, following the death of Princess Grace, Prince Rainier conferred the presidency of the Foundation on H.S.H. Princess Caroline, now H.R.H. Princess of Hanover. She decided to put the emphasis on humanitarian aid in particular that for handicapped children. In 2008 this activity, detailed in the financial highlights below, represented 55% of the Foundation's total expenditure, amounting to €1,447,699. Each year, under the impetus of Her Royal Highness, further initiatives in the domain of paediatric assistance, both in France and less developed nations, are undertaken. These range from paediatric medical research to assistance in the construction and maintenance of parents houses in hospitals.

In November 1984 Prince Rainier III, wishing to complement His wife's work, created The Princess Grace Irish Library. Its aim was to promote Irish culture which was so close to her heart.