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Parents House

Since 15 years, the Foundation has invested 1.4 million Euros in parents houses. These reception facilities are essential for hospitalized children, they allow parents to stay close by their children.

With the support of the Foundation, 13 parents houses were renovated or created: the Saint-Jean houses in Necker hospital in Paris, as well as in Bordeaux and Nantes; the Maison du Petit Monde in Lyon hospitals; the Maison du Figuier in Angers; the Maison du Bonheur in Nice; parents houses in Bicêtre, Margency and Lille; the Maison du Sacré Cœur in Bastia hospital; the parents house in Bullion; La Pelouse in Bordeaux; and recently the parents house attached to Orléans hospital.

Medical Research

Since almost 20 years, the Foundation has given financial assistance to 4 medical laboratories specialized in children diseases.

Inserm 1151-CNRS 8253 part of the Necker Hospital, under the direction of Professor Jean-Claude Weill, professor Emeritus of Immunology. The Foundation supports his work, focused on the study of the immune system. Thanks to his connection with the Necker Hospital, he can practice medicine and look after children hospitalized for genetic diseases. Funds enable him to improve the functioning of his laboratory, buy new equipment, help researchers or finance travel expenses.

Inserm 1163 is also connected with the Necker Hospital. It is managed by Dr Nadine Cerf-Bensussan, who specializes in gastroenterological research especially intestinal diseases in children, such as celiac disease induced by wheat proteins or Crohn’s disease. Dr Cerf-Bensussan and her team are trying to set up a medical treatment, they have successfully set up a model for intestine transplantation in children.

Inserm 1141, associated with the Debré Hospital in Paris, directed by Professor Pierre Gressens. This laboratory focuses on fœtal, newborn and children’s brain development. Their aim is to find a treatment to protect premature babies’ brain and to ease epileptic seizures and other neurological disorders.

A fourth laboratory, directed by Dr Pierre Ferrier, is part of the Immunology Centre in Marseille-Luminy. His team works on the development of immune cells and leukaemia. Since 2014, they have identified new causes of leukaemia and found new therapeutic targets to improve treatments.


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